CBOE stops Bitcoin futures contracts

CBOE, one of the world's largest futures exchanges, listed the world's first futures contracts for Bitcoin in December 2017.

The biggest crypto money peaked at $ 20,000 at the CBOE when the maturities were listed.

The price of the number one crypto money was withdrawn from $ 20,000 to $ 3000 in 1.5 years following the listing of the maturities.

The San Francisco branch also concluded in its survey that the price drop in the Bitcoin market was the reason for the drop in prices.

The stock exchange, which states at this time that it does not intend to list the additional BTC due date, stated that the current contracts listed earlier would be eligible to be traded until the deadline.

means that the time is stopped. The CBOE may decide to re-issue a new contract later on.

The CBOE has made this decision because the market is largely dominated by Bitmex and CME is dominated by transaction volumes.

CBOE and CME Bitcoin What does it mean for Bitcoin?

The development concerns more CBOE than Bitcoin. It cannot be said that any decision of the stock market at the present stage, due to their low volume, can significantly affect the prices of Bitcoin. A similar decision by an exchange such as BitMEX or CME could have made a significant change in the market. The lack of interest in the Bitcoin futures presented by the CBOE and the lack of interest in profitability due to the low transaction volume is likely to be the primary reason for the decision to exclude Bitcoin.

In fact, Bitcoin maintained its horizontal course after the news. The biggest cryptocurrency is traded on Bitstamp at $ 3850 at the time of broadcasting

. Both new stock markets plan to offer physical delivery of Bitcoin futures unlike CME with CBOE

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