CCP Games: Eve Online receives third invasion and mobile game

The Icelandic developer studio CCP Games has announced a number of innovations related to its space game Eve Online. One of them is: On August 13, 2020 the title is supposed to be Eve Echoes the previously announced mobile game for iOS and Android will appear.

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Eve Echoes' open beta has been running in a number of test markets since the end of 2019, including in Europe. Players are traveling in an alternate version of the regular universe of Eve Online. Mobile and PC players do not get in each other's way in the depths of the galaxy with over 8,000 solar systems.

In the free-to-play title, space pilots can move freely and collect resources, produce objects and thus trade in the complex in-game economy, go on a journey of discovery and, above all, take part in massive PvP and PvE battles.

If you like, you can join the corporations similar to Eve Online to hunt for adventures with other players.

Also in Eve Online a lot is happening at the moment. The last chapter of the three-part invasion expansion has just started – players of all levels can participate. Like the first two chapters, the whole thing is designed to keep the community busy in the long term.

"With serious events going on over the coming weeks and months, Eve players will have to make important decisions – whether to defend the empires of New Eden or to take the side of the opaque Triglavian Collective", writes CCP Games.

These decisions should influence how the action develops. However, it is certain that sooner or later there will be an open conflict between the Edencom armed forces and the Triglavians in the high and low security area.

On May 26, 2020, an update called Forsaken Fortress will also be released. Among other things, it introduces a new structural state: Abandoned. In addition to full power and low power, there is also the possibility that a structure is abandoned.

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