CDU / CSU parliamentary group wants to digitize the administration with a structural package

The CDU / CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag wants to put billions from the upcoming economic stimulus package into the digitalization of administration. In the corona crisis, the lack of digitization “has become a major problem”, said Group leader Ralph Brinkhaus at the weekend the editorial network Germany (RND). “We now have to digitize the administration consistently and quickly.”

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The Federal Government plans to put together an economic stimulus package to combat the corona crisis in the coming days. According to media reports, it could total around 80 billion euros. Brinkhaus now warned that it should not only be about maintaining existing structures. The crisis also offers the opportunity to advance important tasks such as digitization. This would also save company founders time, and citizens could complete their passport applications or vehicle registrations online.

With the Online Access Act (OZG), the federal and state governments have long since committed to digitize their administrations. “But implementation is stalling,” said Brinkhaus to the RND. That is why the federal government has to “push financially”. The CDU politician can clearly imagine that the federal and state governments are helping the notoriously clammy municipalities more digitally. In Germany, cities and municipalities are responsible for the majority of citizen contacts.

“We should also invest in important research projects such as cloud or hydrogen on a large scale,” added Brinkhaus, probably referring to the European cloud alliance Gaia-X.

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) also sees a need for action in the digitalization of administration: In his ministry, a newly created department with around 100 employees has recently taken care of the topic. Previously, responsibilities had been split across several sub-departments and project groups. “It is high time to take digitization forward decisively. The Corona pandemic has clearly shown that,” said Seehofer on Friday.


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