Celebrate summer: The pictures of the week (week 23)

Due to a technical breakdown, the summary of the “pictures of the day” from the past week will only be available on Monday today instead of on Saturday as usual. We apologize for that.

We had to wait a long time for summer this year, now it’s finally here. The photographers of the c’t photo gallery also portrayed the warm season in all its facets last week. From people bathing on the beach to wild animals in lush green.

A young girl in a summer dress lights the warm night with a lantern. The motif, which could have come from a fairy tale, was beautifully staged by gallery photographer robbyrob76. It was our picture on Saturday.

It was summery on Monday with the twins of gallery photographer Mira1959. Everyone enjoyed the hot day near the sea. Many bathers and athletes had a similar experience. The water has magical powers of attraction in the warm season. And so claus-labenz captured a colorful beach panorama, the container ship in the background does not disturb the joy. Wolfgang Görgen places his athlete in front of the surface of the Rhine glistening in the sun.

Picture on saturday: Robert Oswald wanted to stage the blossoming sakuras. To do this, his young model should be immersed in the soft light of the lantern.
(Photo: Robert Oswald)


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