Centerless Bitcoin Stock Exchange competition is already heating up: OKEx is also coming

According to a report in 8BTC, OKCoin and OKEx's CEO Star Xu announced in an interview that OKCoin plans to build a decentralized crypto money exchange.

Xu's CEO and founder OKCoin Now there are two main business branches. When it comes to offshore operations, the company has set up many licensed crypto money markets around the world, including OKEx. In domestic operations, the digital wallet is working to develop Blockchain's core technologies and compatible applications.

Xu also said they developed a public chain at the same time.

Xu also stated that OKCoin is planning to establish a decentralized trading platform, and "The future of centralized exchanges for transactions between crypto-currencies will take the place of the central stock exchanges .

When asked about his ideas about the development of the blockchain industry, Xu noted that the global crypto money market is now over $ 200 billion and that by the time this number reaches 10 trillion, almost everything can be into Blockchain.

Meanwhile, OKEX's gear competitor, Binance, is already working to build a decentralized crypto money exchange.

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