CEO of Kraken Crypto Currency Exchange Blamed The Block for Making Fake News

Jesse Powell CEO of Kraken one of the major crypto money exchanges of the crypto money world recently entered a heated debate with Twitter on The Block platform's founder Mike Dudas.

The news that led to Powell's criticism stated that the Kraken crypto currency exchange was a mock volume on March 13th. In the article in question, an anonymous trader pays a corporate account and emphasizes how the Ethereum trading at $ 10,000 on the stock market affects the ETH price in general.

he said. Powell also said that the Ethereum transaction worth $ 10,000 is not capable of influencing the world's second-largest crypto currency.

Powell said he had been expecting an apology in the statement and that he was making 'false news' without having any real evidence. . Powell said that it was not ethical to make such a report without comment from the stock market and he couldn't get the answer from Mike Dudas.

The Block cryptographic news site The Block has become an important platform since the end of 2018, and mostly publishes research-based news.

Kraken was once one of the largest crypto-money exchanges in the United States, but was forced to move out of the US due to later pressures.