CES 2019 was marked by Robots with Different Abilities

On the one hand, the robots that are loved, followed with curiosity, on the other hand, are being followed with concern because of the possibility that people might interfere with their job opportunities. The robots showcasing sympathy with their friendly features at CES 2019.

While the development of technology is one of the most sympathetic gifts we have given to us, we have been worried that people will be able to do their work much cheaper and faster. The robots that have been shown in CES 2019 have a great deal of interest, even when they cannot give a clear date when we will see the robots that are fully integrated in our lives. It was a question of how deliveries would be taken from cars to homes in the coming years, after the delivery companies announced that they would move towards using unmanned vehicles. The solution to the issue was brought to the company's robot suppliers by Segway Robotics.


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Another interesting invention exhibited at the exhibition was the small robots of the Varram company, which were able to make friends with our animal friends. Up to 10 hours of working with a single charge with the appearance of cute robots, pets as a friend around, is making a sound and does not stop to accompany them until the owner comes. In this way, depression and anxiety problems caused by loneliness in animals are prevented.


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The technology giant Samsung has attracted great attention at CES 2019 with a caring robot with two eyes on the screen. Developed for the care of elderly people, Samsung Bot Care is sensitive to movement, so it can detect where the person is, observe, monitor drug hours, and inform the police of any adverse situation. Samsung officials have announced that they have not yet determined the date of launch of the highly regarded Bot Care.


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It is not known when the robots with different capabilities that can talk, walk, companion, and be programmed to make the owner happy will be sold in the market because of their high production costs. Although the authorities have indicated that it may not be possible to see these robots in our homes in the near future, the buyer lists of the companies have already begun to grow.