Changdie-4 sent fascinating photos to the world

China's high-resolution panoramic photographs sent to the Earth by vehicles sent to the remote area of ​​the Moon

China's Moon vehicle sent fascinating photos from the distant part of the Moon to Earth. As a result of the photos taken from the 360-degree lens of the Chang'e-4, the pit-lined barren surface of the mysterious Von Kármán crater came to light. laid-back. As a result of the photo shoot, data was also obtained about the previously unknown and untouched face of the Moon.

The Chinese space agency CNSA, in a statement, said:

In Yutu-2's social media account 900 How about a 360-degree Moon walk? This is a high-resolution panoramic photo taken by my fourth brother. For the time being, my fourth brother looked around and shot the environment around us with a circular topographic camera. I'm in the photo too. Can you see it? Kadar

The device, which entered the İn shorthand 19 mode to survive at 200 ° C after the descent, remained in this mode for up to 1 Month day, which is equivalent to 14 Earth days. After exiting the bitti Shortcut ’mode, Yutu-2 updates the status,’ Short cut in month. It's time to get up and stretch. Sosyal


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The car is equipped with tools for viewing the cameras as well as the surface. As a result of the data from these instruments, knowledge about the Moon may increase and colonies can be set up for a day.


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