Characorder: Typing faster than the keyboard allows

Up to 300 words per minute should be with the input device Characorder be possible – in contrast to the 216-word record on conventional keyboards. This is what the developers of the idiosyncratic peripheral promise. It is a two-part controller, each with nine switching sticks, which can be pressed in four directions by fingers on it. Each direction is responsible for entering a symbol. Theoretically, this means that ten letters can be pressed at once, as long as the key layout allows this.

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This is possible because an integrated processor and firmware installed on the input device rearrange the letters entered into existing words. The manufacturer also gives an example: For example, the English word Word is interpreted from the OWDR input. Here it turns out that this method only works for the English language for the time being and is most suitable for writing source text in German.

On the other hand, the device can also be used in a conventional manner by typing letters one after the other. Characorder should also be suitable in games and for one-handed use. With optional software, the key assignment of individual sticks can be adjusted.

Long acclimatization, high price

Another problem with such an unconventional keyboard: people have to get used to it. The manufacturer confirms the IT blog Techpowerupthat it takes about a month for users to get used to it. During this time, a daily workout of 30 to 60 minutes is recommended.

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Characorder is still under development. However, prospective customers can already pre-order the device for $ 200. For the release, it will even cost $ 400. However, delivery is not planned until December 2020.

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