Charter Digital Education: Students should become mature cultural technicians

A broad coalition of politics, business, science and society is committed to a common and comprehensive understanding of education in the digital world. The Society for Informatics (GI) has launched a "Charter on Digital Education", which aims at the responsible networked citizens. It's not about political demands or positions, but about a common, contemporary understanding of education, said GI CEO Daniel Krupka on the presentation of the initiative on Wednesday.

"In the context of digitization, automation and networking, traditional cultural techniques such as reading, writing and arithmetic have undergone significant changes", it says in the statement, In addition, digital skills have meanwhile become "an integral part of general education and a fundamental prerequisite for maturity in the digital world, social participation and professional development".

According to the Charter, in order to develop the required competences, all pupils in the general education school must be able to "systematically reflect, explore and shape the phenomena, objects and processes of the digitalised world from a technical, socio-cultural and application-related perspective". This includes a comprehensive understanding of the basics. The GI has been pleading for a long time for anchoring computer science and the conscious use of computers, algorithms and code in curricula at an early stage.


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