China Banned Foreigners from Entering the Country

China, which is the starting point of the coronavirus, has now decided to ban foreigners' entry into the country after controlling the outbreak. The country will thus control the outbreak.

An event that occurred in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and spread all over the world in a short time. pandemic the transformed coronavirus appears to have been cleared in China, where it originated. The government, which managed to take the disease under control as a result of the strict policies implemented in the country, has made itself against other countries with its latest statement. under protection announced the decision to take.

According to the statement made by the Chinese Foreign Office Covidien-19 The entry of foreigners into the country was completely prohibited due to the outbreak. Stating that there is a temporary measure to prevent the epidemic, the Ministry announced that foreign nationals working in the country's duties are out of scope.

China also stated that they will receive visa applications related to commercial activities, technology and energy business. The People's Republic of China, which is in a rush to rectify its greatly damaged economy, seems to be one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus epidemic. According to official statements so far in the country Coronavirus in 81,782 people It was determined that 3169 of them died. 61,201 people were reported to have recovered.

Situations are Worsening in Italy and Spain

Covid-19, which caused casualties in the mainland of China at first, shifted its momentum to Europe recently. Up to now, 80,589 of Covid-19 tests were positive in Italy, while 8,215 died. Another country that has suffered great losses after Italy is Spain. While 56,197 people have been infected in Spain, 4145 have lost their lives.

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