China releases newest crypto index

China's Center for Information and Industrial Development (CCID) published the latest crypto rating index. The government-backed index lists the top-level cryptos based on the performance of its core technologies, applicability and innovation. third degree continues to support smart contract platforms. This version highlights China's total lack of connectivity to digital currencies; As a result, the three largest market-based crypto currencies are at the bottom of the list: Bitcoin is at 15th place, XRP at 18th place and Litecoin at 32nd. continues to draw a line. The country also strongly encourages companies to build on the Blockchain, while enforcing a strict ban on local crypto currency trading. This raises doubts about the ratings. Because China is a kind of technology that fits its philosophy rather than the prevalence of crypto coins.

On Thursday, the Beijing Internet Finance Industry Association issued a statement on speculation on the concept of Blockchain, which seriously violates the normal financial and economic order and carries social risks. In a statement, he told people to pay attention to initial crypto money offers ( ICO ), first stock quotes, Stablecoin's money, and all kinds of digital currencies, really ─▒na not relying on Blockchain technology, but evaluating the opportunity. 19

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