Chinese Manufacturers Want All Screens in 18: 9 Format!

Chinese screen manufacturers are aiming to convince consumers that they can display better screens with 18: 9 screens instead of developing existing screen technologies.

With the information technology expo held in China, we have seen Chinese screen panel manufacturers so-called modern screen panes. We apologize if the term 'modern screen panel' evokes higher resolution and color qualities. Because the only change made by Chinese producers is to produce 18: 9 panels, which are standard '16: 9' screen panels and 'extended' versions of the same panels in place.

Well, what does this mean? In the near future, all screen panels from entry level smartphones to flagships of thousands of TLs, WVGA (400×840) resolution screens to 4K resolution screens will be in 18: 9 format. Of course we are not against 18: 9 screens. But companies need to change the display format instead of trying to improve the image quality;


It's nothing more than showcasing old fashion and making consumers look new.
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However, it was also seen at the Information Technology Fair that among the non-Chinese technology companies, there is a great competition competition for developing integrated fingerprint scanners on the screen. Chinese makers are working on cheaper but less sensitive optical technology, while companies such as Apple, Samsung and Qualcomm work on integrated ultrasonic fingerprint scanners that are more expensive and more sensitive and secure.