Christine Lagarde can pump Ripple! But analysts point to this level Bitcoin

  • Ripple (XRP) fell by more than 15 percent
  • SWIFT and rival platforms are not Ripple's competitors

Christine Lagarde can take over the role of Mario Draghi as president of the European Central Bank (ECB). According to analysts and previous comments on Ripple, this is an event that will give rise to the XRP . However, this is not enough to support the XRP, which fell by 15 percent over 24 hours.

Christine Lagarde can pump the price of Ripple

The so-called XRP Army is known for its wild protection of Ripple and XRP. While supporting the third most liquid being with their strength, they destroy critics regardless of the purpose or validity of their questions. Their efforts are to make the XRP the base currency in Binance . As a result, the community's open support is geared to roll the wheel of the project and fill the morale. Recently, the community's support for XRP is also increasing. The main goal of Ripple is to expand as a global payment solution platform. However, according to Marjan Delatinne, President of Global Banking, their goal is not to compete with SWIFT and other competing platforms, but to complement them. Christine Lagarde is still the focus.

A politician who served as the President of the IMF.
Christine Lagarde is open to Crypto currencies and interestingly
curious. Banks and financial institutions to stay competitive in the crypto field
insists they need to adapt, the opinion of the crypto currency
units in general. European Central Bank (ECB)
Although President Mario Draghi's view of the crypt is harsh, Lagarde

Candlestick arrangement

During writing, the XRP tends to fall free. Now the price is trading below the main support level of 40 cents, with a big drop of 15 percent more per day. Assuming there is a panic sale due to this speed and the current drop, prices may fall and the XRP may close below 34 cents, overriding previous XRP / USD trading plans.

Due to previous forecasts, investors are cautious
while being optimistic in some way, he takes an impartial stance. Despite this, 34
Any break in cents, the rise of this trading plan according to analysts
outlook because bears can reduce prices to 30 cents and XRP
It can retest the main support level in the first quarter of 2019.

Technical indicators

There is a sharp increase in trade volumes confirming losses on June 27. Increasing participation from 11 million to over 35 million appears to be a sign of weakness. Therefore, it is likely that the XRP will retest its support in the first quarter of 2019 to 30 cents.


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