Claimed to be HIV Vaccine by 2021

AIDS, where medicine and scientists have not been able to cure so far, has killed countless people. Now this is about to change. Scientists have recently developed and expected to be used in 2021'de AIDS can be treated with the vaccine.

Studies on the treatment of AIDS have been very has come a long way. The presence of a vaccine that prevents the spread of the virus is reached for scientists it was a very difficult target. But this may change soon. According to scientists, the trial of AIDS vaccine is coming to an end and vaccine has a great potential.

In a report from NBC News, scientists are still in the process of three potential AIDS vaccine they are working on it. Vaccines still undergoing rigorous testing so far excellent development He said. If the process continues at its current speed AIDS vaccines can be started in 2021.

The fight against HIV is unfortunately not won from only one front


Virus worldwide Many subspecies It features. Vaccines developed against one or more of these viruses are can be a huge step in winning the global war.

One of the vaccines under trial South Africa it is being developed for a subspecies of HIV that causes enormous mortality. The other two vaccines in the trial are HIV virus. against many type Can be used.


Great Success from Scientists: Treated AIDS with CRISPR

Vaccines application process a bit challenging passing. During the treatment process periodically you need to see a doctor regularly and a certain number You need to be vaccinated. Ongoing trials provide clearer information on how effective the vaccine is to prevent the spread of the disease.

In addition, it is possible to see the effect of vaccines on certain segments of the population in ongoing experiments.

aids vaccine

The main purpose of these experiments is to on different groups determine the effect. For example, a vaccine that is effective in a young African woman may not have the same effect in a middle-aged white male.

The main aim of the researchers is to determine how HIV responds to the developed vaccines and to take new steps in this direction. As a result of these scientific developments, The number of vaccines may be greatly reduced. Maybe even on a one-time doctor appointment The disease can be treated.