Cleaning the Plastic Plastics

A project was launched last September to clear the oceans. The trial was carried out in the area between Hawaii and California

A nearly 600-meter U-shaped floating barrier was deployed between Hawaii and California last September in an area called the Garbage Line. There are about 1.8 trillion plastic parts that need to be cleaned in this area. If so much plastic is placed side by side, it will double the state of Texas.


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Boyan Slat, 24, who invented this U-shaped barrier, said: "We can think of this U-shaped barrier as a Pac-Man eager to eat plastic." The barrier is driven by wind and wave power

In the tests carried out, plastics pass out of the U-shaped barrier over time. Another problem is that the last 18m of this test equipment, named System 001, has been broken. The team thinks that this rupture is related to the material used.

Another problem is the speed of this barrier. In a statement in September, the barrier said it took about 10 cm per second.

There were also critics of Blat, a non-profit organization, and the Ocean Cleaning team led by him. Reviews; the cost of the project is ineffective, the project is an inadequate project, and the fact that the first stage of ocean clearing is not to leave plastic to the ocean, both by the barrier itself and by the part which is broken.