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As a member of Leaders for Climate Action Ralf Gladis, CEO and co-founder of Computop, made it our task to promote climate neutrality in our own company. To do this, he not only wants to analyze the CO2 emissions of his company, but also to offset them. Leaders for Climate Action is an organization that has recognized that the digital economy also has a lot of catching up to do. Because we don’t own planet B. The goal is CO2 compensation and reduction. The topic of “climate neutrality” is not necessarily associated with the payment industry, as no physical goods are traded here. On closer inspection and with a targeted analysis, there is also a need for action in this area, because the pure transport of data is also associated with CO2 emissions.

Climate neutrality in companies: Mobility is the main factor for CO2 emissions

In order for a company to start offsetting, it has to analyze its CO2 emissions in more detail. With the help of the experts from Climate Partner, the analysis of CO2 emissions is possible for every company. Amazingly, it is not the data center operation, i.e. the processing of payment transactions itself, that causes the most emissions – at 0.5 percent, this item is far behind in 9th place.

At Computop, it is the employees who cause the largest share of emissions: trips to customer appointments and network appointments or events. Company vehicles and their gasoline consumption were the largest direct emissions items in 2019. On a small scale, it is the way to work that emits CO2 – with a major effect: the journey taken by employees has an impact on the carbon footprint with almost a third of all emissions. In the office, too, there are many factors that can lead to a large ecological footprint for companies. Fourth place in the CO2 ranking, with less than ten percent, goes to heat generation. Other factors that emit CO2 are the upstream suppliers for fuel consumption, train journeys and also the coffee that is drunk in the company.

According to the calculation by Climate Partner, Computop currently has to offset 488 tons of CO2. Climate Partner not only calculates this value, but also supports companies in finding the right project for climate neutrality and thus protecting the climate.

New ovens in Peru reduce CO2 emissions

The Franco-Peruvian Microsol project supports farmers in Peru in installing simple stoves that heat and cook better with much less wood consumption. Over 100,000 of these ovens have already been built, which leads to an annual saving of 250,000 tons of CO2. Computop supports this project and thus makes a valuable contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. But the UN development goals such as better health (through better smoke evacuation) or avoidance of child labor (through less wood collection) are promoted by the project. Without funding from many companies (and also private individuals), these savings would not be possible.

Climate neutrality company, Ralf Gladis
As a member of Leaders for Climate Action, Ralf Gladis – CEO and co-founder of
Computop – made the task of offsetting your own CO2 emissions. Image: © Computop

Three questions for Ralf Gladis

What was your main reason for joining the Leaders for Climate Action?

Global warming of more than two degrees would be a catastrophe for our ecosystem. This is confirmed by the overwhelming majority of scientists. That is why each of us should help, privately, professionally and politically, to reduce CO2 emissions. As a company, Computop works together with “Leaders for Climate Action” because there is very targeted work and the members receive concrete support in the analysis, reduction and compensation of CO2.

Why should an e-commerce retailer opt for climate-neutral payment?

In “Leaders for Climate Action” alone, around 700 companies are currently organized that want to operate in a climate-friendly manner and have therefore reduced and offset 260,000 tonnes of CO2. Constantly reducing CO2 emissions is not easy. Computop’s payment customers can calculate the CO2 emissions for payment transactions with 0 tons of CO2. This may not be important to everyone, but for everyone who works for the climate, CO2 neutrality is another advantage at Computop.

Not only for climate neutrality in the company: personal carbon footprint is just as relevant

What is your personal carbon footprint?

Unfortunately, my own CO2 footprint is not as good as I thought: We use green electricity, solar technology and pellet heating. We often travel by train and we drive an all-electric BMW i3 and a hybrid Volvo. Nevertheless, according to the WWF CO2 calculation, my personal CO2 emissions are 10.4 tons, only 2 tons below the average. The WWF website told me: “Congratulations! If everyone were as exemplary as you, Ralf, then we would only need 2.5 earths. ”So in my private life I have to think twice about how I can further reduce my CO2 emissions. For example, my children refuse to travel long distances by plane. Today children are more sensible than many adults. Long private air travel is for the time being excluded.

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Climate neutrality company, Henning Brandt
Image: © Computop

About the author: Henning Brandt works as Head of Communication at Computop.