Climate protection program: All gas stations should get charging stations

The federal government wants to make the construction of charging stations for all gas stations mandatory. This emerges from the Climate Protection Program 2030, the Federal Cabinet on 9 October 2019 in Berlin was decided, Accordingly, the government wants "bindingly regulated by a supply requirement that charging points are also offered at all petrol stations in Germany", Already in the key points adopted at the end of September, the Union and SPD had committed themselves to a comprehensive expansion of electromobility. For this purpose, 9.3 billion euros will be spent over the next four years.

The 173-page program (PDF) According to the Federal Government and the manufacturers supported purchase premium for electric cars from 2021 to be extended for cars with electric, hybrid and hydrogen or fuel cell drive and increased for cars under 40,000 euros.

However, an exact height is not mentioned in the program. The company car scheme for the use of a battery-electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid will therefore be extended until 2030. The company car tax will also be reduced for pure electric vehicles up to a price of 40,000 euros from 0.5 to 0.25 percent.

Promotion of private charging options

In addition, the government wants to further expand the publicly accessible charging infrastructure so that a total of one million charging points will be available in Germany by 2030. Therefore, the federal government promotes the construction of public shop pillars with appropriate programs by 2025. For this purpose, the government also wants to take the car manufacturers and the energy industry in the obligation.

Job market

  1. Basler AG, Ahrensburg near Hamburg
  2. OEDIV KG, Bielefeld

"Where needs-based care is not market-driven, regulatory measures are also considered"says the program. In case of "regional market failure" It should also enable distribution system operators such as Stadtwerke to set up publicly accessible charging infrastructure.

In addition to the legal relief for the installation of wallboxes in private underground garages, the government also wants to promote this financially. That concerns "Shared private and commercial charging infrastructure (eg in multi-family houses and in employee parking lots)", Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had demanded in March 2019 to the sum of one billion euros. In addition, the climate protection program points out that the installation of private charging infrastructure with the so-called artisan bonus be promoted.