Clubhouse Announces Feature That Will Make Producers Money

Clubhouse announced the Payments feature that enables users to donate to content creators. Clubhouse reported that all donations will reach the creators with no commission deductions.

One of the most popular social networking applications of recent times Clubhouseannounced the “first” feature that enables content creators to generate revenue directly from the app. Clubhouse Payments” (Payments) With the feature it calls, users will be able to donate to content producers.

With a small test group of a limited number of users at the moment being tested The Payments feature is only available to the Clubhouse’s creators after a sufficient amount of feedback has been collected and the feature has been fine-tuned. offers the opportunity to earn money first feature it will be. The popular social network seems to have opted for user donations over advertising to generate a revenue model.

Clubhouse will not receive commissions from donations to creators


Using the new Payments feature is extremely simple. After users open the creator’s profile page they want to donate to,Send moneyCan touch the ”button and donate as much as he / she wants. But so you can donate The creator must have this feature enabled. Let’s also say that when you send money for the first time, you need to enter your credit or debit card information and save it on the platform.

According to the statements made by the Clubhouse, all of the donations made within the scope of the Payments feature will go to the content creators. Clubhouse, will not make any deductions from donations. However, for this Payments feature, Stripe, Clubhouse’s partner, will receive a small card transaction fee will also demand. However, if you donate to a creator, there will be no charge to Clubhouse’s coffers.


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Clubhouse defines the Payments feature as the first feature that will enable content creators to earn money through the platform. Therefore, after the said feature is made available to all users, the social network application new features that will generate income for creators We can see it announcing. By the way, if you want more detailed information about Clubhouse, you can here We welcome our content.