Clubhouse Prepares to Increase Security Measures

Clubhouse, the most popular and new platform of recent times, has begun to struggle with a number of security and privacy vulnerabilities. In practice, new measures are being taken against the possibility of users being ‘listened’ by China.

Offering its users a social media experience based on ‘voice communication’ ClubhouseEspecially with its rapid rise in the last few weeks, it has become on the agenda and became one of the most popular applications in the AppStore.

After the news of this rapid rise, it was revealed that there were a series of security weaknesses in the application that would make users nervous. User data in the application, according to the news that came up recently It is vulnerable to access by the Chinese government.

According to a published report, China may be listening to Clubhouse users:

Clubhouse China

User data in the Clubhouse may be vulnerable to Chinese government access, according to a recent report by the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO). The reason for this is that the infrastructure that provides the application and contains the data Shanghai-based technology company Agora Inc. Also the data of the application Transferring to servers in China and routed through servers managed by Chinese organizations.

According to the SIO Agora is in line with the current cybersecurity laws of the Chinese government and thus Must comply with government data requests. Although Agora claims that it does not store audio or any data, again according to the SIO, it can access Agora’s servers in China if the Chinese government wishes. it does not prevent data storage.

In the report published by SIO, this data is for all users and especially for users in China. serious security risk stated that he created. Other in the application for different vulnerabilities Another report was shared with Clubhouse.

Clubhouse took action after the report:



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Clubhouse, which took action to ensure user security and privacy after the report of SIO, made a statement on the subject. Within the next 72 hours Explaining that it will take serious steps to solve the problem, Clubhouse said in a statement “With the help of the Stanford Internet Observatory some areas where we need to strengthen our data security we discovered. In the next 72 hours, we will do our work to encrypt data and prevent Clubhouse customers’ data from falling on Chinese servers. We also plan to work with an external security company to investigate and verify the situation. “ gave his statements.

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