Coinbase's new target is Wall Street

 Coinbase's new goal Wall Street elites
Coinbase's new goal Wall Street elites

Coinbase's newest target for the US crypto money trading platform is Wall Street.

Coinbase's new target is the Wall Street elite

These various tools are designed to help investors save crypto money in large quantities, as well as risk management that enables them to borrow money from their clients. and margin trading. Some products will be offered to everyone, and most products will only focus on corporate customers. The service, which will focus on corporate clients, called Coinbase Prime, will also offer lending, margin financing and off-exchange trading.

Coinbase was set up in an apartment building three years ago

Just three years ago, Coinbase was operating in a one-room apartment building and last year with the exploitation of interest in crypto money trading, Coinbase has turned into a billion dollar company. Coinbase is now targeting a much larger growth with institutional investors. In addition, Coinbase now has more than $ 200 million in funds from supporters like Andreessen Horowitz and the New York Stock Exchange. Adam White, Co-President of Coinbase Institutional, said he hopes to prove that the service is trustworthy if he hopes to win Coinbase mutual funds and Wall Street elites.

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