Collection of Fast and Furious Cars

The Fast and the Furious series has many fans. Yet only a single fan of the series collects replicas of cars seen in the movies.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker starting with and then turning into a huge action / adventure adventure Fast and furious series has fans from all over the world. Some fans really live this passion to the extreme.

Living in an undisclosed city in Canada Fast and furious fan, one of 24 vehicles we see in the series replica owner. Moreover, there are other models still under construction.

Huge collection of 24 cars


There is a very logical reason why the location of the collection is kept secret: Among the vehicles in the collection, there are quite special models. Among them Toyota Supra’larNissan Skyline and a classic Dodge Charger takes place. If the total number of vehicles 24.

Moreover, these cars are not haphazardly bought. Each one, Fast and furious A replica of the vehicles in the series. Owner of the collection and a big fan of the series, Jorge is the biggest Fast and Furious replica vehicle collection can also be the owner.


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The interesting thing is Jorge’nin that he did not set out with the intention of making such a collection. However, being someone who understands automobiles both technically and in terms of trading has given him this opportunity. Take the cars replicar As he started to convert, he created this collection by earning money from vehicle trading.

The value of the collection is unknown

fast and furious


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Although Jorge has made good money with the purchase and sale of vehicles, it is not known how much he spends on the collection. Although he can find vehicles of the same model as Jesse’s Jetta quite cheaply in his area of ​​residence, a R33 ya da R34 Skyline They are not very affordable tools. Moreover, this collection includes Supra, Porsche 911 including tools such as.

Suki’s pink right now Honda S2000i and the black in Fast and Furious 4 Buick Grand National the under construction. Considering that the series will have two more movies after the 9th, Jorge may have to exceed his target number of 35.