Collision of Neutron Stars 3D Modeled

Thanks to developing technology and science, we can learn new things about our world and the universe and discover new things. Scientists will learn how to create heavy metals such as gold and lead by the newly developed 3D modeling technique

. ]BASE Rodrigo Fernandez, who works with an international research team and uses supercomputers in the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, said: ki Collisions are the heavy elements such as gold and lead. Also, for the first time, we see gamma rays that explode by collision of two neutron stars. There will be many new scientific developments with this discovery. Lardır

Neutron stars are small and intense stars, the stars with city masses but with the mass of the sun. When the two neutron stars collide, the materials explode outward.

Until now, computer simulations were not sophisticated enough to calculate where the dispersed materials were to be opened. Thanks to the new 3-D modeling, two times more material can be calculated than 2-D modeling. He added that the model they developed would enable them to better understand how heavy elements are formed and how they are distributed into space.


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Of course, it is not easy to model such an event in 3D. Formation includes complex physics and many physical processes. Doing all of these at once makes computers quite challenging. Fernandez said that the main factor that complicates this kind of process is the magnetic field that acts as a substance, and that they know the equations that define this process, but that 3 dimensions are needed to define it exactly, and that it is very expensive.