Colorful autumn: The pictures of the week KW45

Not every autumn attracts attention like fall this year. The colorful leaves let the trees shine for weeks, soft mists cover the meadows in the morning and bright sunsets remind us of balmy summer evenings. The photographers of our c't photography gallery have also captured autumn in many different ways. We want to share with you some of the most beautiful pictures in these pictures of the week.

A little tip from the editor: Some gallery members have joined forces and interpret themes together photographically. The first topic "Paths" has already been completed, the results images can be found here. The new topic is called couples. Anyone who would like to find out or would like to participate can find the instructions and contact with the participants here in the forum.

Picture on Saturday

"Night to Day" Based on Stephen Wilke's fantastic "Day to Night" photography, gallery photographer Thomas Rauen created a picture of Mirabello Bay in Crete. He writes about our picture on Saturday: "Right next to my seat, the coast falls 450 meters steeply to the Mediterranean Sea. For a North German lowlander a more than tingling sensation. The view from up there with the imposing starry sky is just terrific. Inspired by Stephen Wilke's "Day to Night" work, I've tried to capture the night-to-day transition. "
(Image: Thomas Rauen)


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