Commercial documents between UK and USA leaked to Reddit

Documents of future trade agreements between the UK and the United States were leaked by Russian hackers at Reddit. Leaked documents created a bomb effect on the country's agenda, causing tension between the opposition and the government.

In the past few days, Reddit, one of the world's largest social media channels, experienced an unprecedented scandal and leaked government documents from the United Kingdom. Reddit, who made statements on this issue last Friday, said that people who leak the documents are working very coordinated and In Russia He said he was part of an emerging group.

Reddit in the shared blog post "We have recently heard about a share in Reddit, which includes documents that have leaked from the UK. found in the descriptions.

Leaked documents included trade agreements between the United Kingdom and the United States:

Reddit leaking

Among the documents leaked with this scandal, Between the United States and the United Kingdom there were even negotiation records for a future trade agreement. Leaked documents, the country had created a bomb effect in politics and confusion.

In documents, the United States National Health Service'S (NHS) allegedly for sale. In the UK, this issue is still under discussion. The prime minister insists that this is not true, while the Labor party leader says the NHS the privatization the road to the road will open.

Reddit banned accounts that made the leak and related to the leak:

UK-US trade documents

According to statements from Reddit officials, the site is expected to increase the popularity of leaked documents. voting system has been abused and shipments have been delivered to many more people. Reddit says he has banned the leak account and 61 other accounts associated with it. In addition, the source of the leak was from Russia and reportedly made a similar leak on Facebook last May.


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People who leak documents “Secondary InfektionDit Reddit says he has banned a further discussion forum for leaks related to the UK, as well as these accounts.

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