CommStar to Place Satellite Between the Moon and the World

As it is known, NASA has been working on establishing a base on the Moon and placing fixed satellites on the Moon’s surface for many years. But the first step in this direction comes from CommStar Space Communications. CommStar Space Communications plans to place a commercial satellite between the Moon and Earth by 2023.

NASAfor many years Moon We all know that you want to have a say on it and work in this direction. But successfully on the natural satellite of a planet establishing a base requires seriously advanced technological equipment. In this context, manufacturing and testing of equipment costs NASA millions of dollars and many years. While NASA continues to work in this direction, the first step about the Moon CommStar Space Communications throws the company.

CommStar Space Communications, a new independent private space exploration company, is a data transfer satellite plans to place. This data transfer satellite will be the first spacecraft to be sent around the Moon for commercial purposes, and its aim will be to increase the speed of communication and to reduce the budget of communication tools and communication in general.

CommStar will take SpaceX as an example:

Moon Moon CommStar Space Communications

CommStar Space Communications is starting to develop this new satellite, SpaceX and Rocket Labs will look at how private space companies such as their satellites have developed and will try to follow their steps. Of course, following the steps will not completely be about copying information and design from other companies. CommStar Space Communications follows the innovations of these companies. Combining with the lunar task, aims to open the door to new possibilities and technologies.


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This satellite to be installed by CommStar Space Communications optical lasers while increasing the speed of communication with, removing some equipment and materials used in communication. costs will try to drop it. In the design direction of the new satellite Thales Alenia Space CommStar working with the company to send the first satellite ‘commst-1‘plans to name it. In addition, the CommStar-1 satellite will play the role of communicating in future Earth-Moon missions. CommStar Space Communications, CommStar-1, 2023 plans to develop year by year. However, it is not yet known when the launch will take place and in which companies the satellite will be launched.