Competition for Netflix and Prime Video: Disney + usable without bit rate reduction

Throughout the day, Disney plans to make the entire Disney + catalog available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland without restrictions. Due to the corona pandemic, Disney + bit rate has been reduced. The service started in these countries in the middle of this time and was therefore not available there with maximum image quality and the best possible sound.

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The Disney + subscription price includes content in 4K resolution, provided that it is available in this image format. It also supports the Dolby Atmos sound format, which is offered for selected content. With the change, not all Disney + content will be available in 4K resolution and with Dolby Atmos, because many of the films and series contained in the Disney + catalog are not available in the corresponding formats.

Disney itself names all Star Wars films as the content that is offered in 4K and Dolby Atmos format. The Star Wars series The Mandalorian is also available in high image quality. The animated film Frozen 2 and the musical Hamilton, both of which will be released in 4K resolution and with Dolby Atmos, will start in July 2020. The cinema film Artemis Fowl, planned for mid-August, will also be released on Disney + in the formats mentioned.

No more free trial week for Disney +

Since June 19, 2020, Disney has abolished the previous free trial week for Disney + in Germany and all other countries in which the service is active. The Disney + subscription costs 7 euros per month, and Disney itself has an annual subscription that costs 70 euros.

Other services such as Amazon’s Netflix or Prime Video have allowed subscriptions to be tried out free of charge for a month. At Disney, there was only a one-week trial period. The Disney + range is significantly smaller than that of Netflix and Prime Video. While Disney + currently has almost 800 films and short films and around 130 series, Prime Video has over 4,700 films and almost 900 series. Netflix has 2,800 films and over 1,400 series.

Disney + is discounted with a telecom contract

With the right telecom contract, Disney + can continue to be tried for three months free of charge. After the free trial period, the Disney + subscription costs 5 euros instead of the regular 7 euros per month. The subscription can be canceled monthly at any time. Calculated over a whole year, Disney + therefore costs 60 euros instead of just under 84 euros with a monthly termination option directly from Disney. As before, the Telekom offer is not mentioned on the Disney + homepage.

The Telekom offer is also 10 euros cheaper than the annual subscription offered by Disney for 70 euros, which has a significantly longer contract term with one year. Telekom’s campaign is valid until December 31, 2020.

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