Competition Program to Send the Winner to Space: Space Hero

The US TV production company is organizing a program called Space Hero that will take the winner to the ISS for 10 days. Will be released across the world next year, the program also will choose their competitors from around the world, including Turkey.

Do you want to go to space, but do not you have the financial and educational conditions for this? USAA TV production company will be broadcast almost all over the world very soon and the winner will be sent to the International Space Station “Space HeroIt will organize a competition program named ”.

According to the news in Deadline, it will participate in the program called Space Hero contestants from all countries of the world will be chosen. For the program, which will be broadcast in many countries, it is said that there will be contestants hunting very soon. When contestants are selected, they will go through an important training process beforehand. Some fundamentals in this process astronaut Competitors, who will also enter the training, will be able to go to space when they pass this process successfully.

He will have a very high budget

Space Hero program, to be published in many countries of the world, including in Turkey. For such a large production, of course a high initial budget will be provided. If there is no problem, it is thought that the program will start broadcasting next year.


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The winning contestant will stay on the International Space Station for 10 days

In the past period, after 2021 of NASA ISSIt was announced that he would start space tourism in. The production company that wants to turn this tourism into a project promises to realize a person’s dream with the Space Hero program. If there is no setback and space tourism is paved, the winner of the program will probably be in 2023. Falcon 9 will go to the ISS with his rocket and here 10 days will be the guest of astronauts and cosmonauts throughout. When the winning contestant goes to space, it will be broadcast all over the world with the Space Hero program. So would you like to go to space with the Space Hero program? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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