Competition to Philips Hue: Signify launches Wiz WLAN lamps

Even more choices in Signify smart home lighting. In addition to the strong Philips Hue brand, the company is also entering the German market with Wiz. The WLAN lamps from Wiz will soon be officially sold in Germany. In some cases, Wiz products are already available from retailers in this country, but Signify has not yet announced when a wider availability of the lamps should be guaranteed.

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In April 2019, Signify bought the Hong Kong-based company Wiz, giving itself the opportunity to enter the WLAN lighting systems market quickly. The Wiz lamps are controlled via WiFi. There is a suitable app for setup and control. The Philips Hue and Wiz product lines are not compatible. So if you already own Philips Hue lamps and use Wiz lamps, you have to use a separate app for both systems.

A remote control is offered for Wiz that is roughly the format of a Fire TV remote control. In addition, the three common digital assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri are supported to operate lamps with voice commands.

Wiz plans to launch lamps for outdoor use in 2021

The Wiz lamps are available in different designs and with the sockets common on the market. There are also some independent lamps in the range. Desk lamps are planned for the coming year and lamps suitable for outdoor use are expected. Wiz wants to stand out from other WLAN lamps in that the app is particularly clear and the lamps can be controlled as easily as possible.

Wiz also includes a classic wall switch. If the lamp is switched on by pressing it once, the preferred lighting mood is selected. If the wall switch is actuated again within three seconds, another stored light setting appears.

Wiz WLAN lamps (Image: Signify)

As with other smart lamps, the light can also be automated using schedules. A motion sensor is available as an accessory. Depending on the lamp model, lighting moods such as fireplace or candlelight should be simulated. The lamps announced for Germany have a WLAN and Bluetooth chip to simplify the setup. Wiz also has a WLAN socket in its range.

Wiz lamps in different designs

On the Wiz website there is an overview of the different lamps. The Wiz lamps E27 / A60, GU10 and E14 / C37 candle cost 13 euros each in the white version and 16 euros each in the color version. The Wiz lamp E27 / G95 is priced at 15 euros for the white version and 19 euros for the color version. The E27 / A67 model is available as a white version for 18 euros and as a color version for 20 euros.

In addition, Wiz offers a range of filament lamps with E27 sockets, which are available for prices from 15 euros to 60 euros. The WLAN socket costs 20 euros, the motion sensor is sold for 25 euros and the remote control costs 15 euros. With Hero and Quest there are also two independent lamps, which are offered for 60 euros each.

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