Competitive competition in the physical Bitcoin valley game

According to the news in CoinDesk, the crypto-currency derivatives provider LedgerX is planning to become the first American company to offer physically-delivered Bitcoin futures. has announced the application for a market license. Unlike the Bitcoin futures offered by the CME Group and CBOE, physically handed Bitcoin futures require direct Bitcoin exchange, not cash,

Perhaps more importantly, Juthica Chou, the risk and operations director of LedgerX, can target individual investors with these new products.

Chou said, söyl We will be able to serve all kinds of customers. We will not be limited to corporate customers. TC

Chou said the company acquired a license to issue futures contracts in November 2018 and they have been in a constructive dialogue with the US Commodity Futures Commission (CFTC) since then. The LedgerX executive did not comment on when the CFTC could approve LedgerX's application.

The Commission has so far given two licenses to LedgerX

The TD Ameritrade-sponsored initiative, ErisX, is a crypto supported by Bain Capital Ventures. Several large companies, including the Bazaar of the money exchange, the Seed CX and the New York Stock Exchange's parent company, the Intercontinental Exchange, are already planning to offer physical deliveries of Bitcoin futures. All of these companies expect legal approval for their products.

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