Completely Misunderstanding Netflix Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other crypto monies are not very well known because their names are constantly associated with criminal activities. Netflix continues to hit the spot with the Explained series.

Netflix Incident Misunderstood

Most of the TV shows that mention Bitcoin and similar cryptographic currencies are following the same approach. Emphasizing the negative side of crypto-currencies is a solution for them in this context. Silicon Valley even makes fun of crypto money. At the same time, however, he tried to inform the audience more than once. Netflix's Explained line consists of a different creature scribbling the crypto bills.

As we go further into the depths of the subject, this series aims at explaining innovative concepts and technologies to users. A line with such a concept would be coming sooner or later than bitcone. While various uses of the bitcoin in the series are discussed, more illegal services are mentioned. This approach is in no way a correct approach, and there is nothing already proven.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of relationship between crime and bitcoin. Ransom software, malware, attacks on the stock market are excellent examples. Even so, it is not a logical move to screen a huge ecosystem with these criminal attempts.

Almost Everything is Wrong

While associating cryptographic money with crime has been the main point of frustration, Netflix's new lineup has other problems as well. It tells how all the crypto moneys use the block chain, but it is misrepresented. There are several currencies that do not use a block chain at this stage. Up until recently, EOS and TRON were also included in this list.

In addition, Satoshi Nakamoto is a respected member of the bitcoin community. But it never invented block-chain technology. This concept is used for almost thirty years, which is something that a large organization like Netflix could easily have explored. Jameson Lopp says that this section of the directory is not closely related to education when drawing attention to its frustrations.

"The last part of Netflix's Explained series about crypto-bills contains factual flaws:

-Bitcoin is mostly used for illegal work.
-Bizans General
-Satoshi invented the blockchain
-The cryptographer uses a blockchain.

All of these, bitcoin and the technology behind it a sign that you have not lost your support. Such mistakes could easily be rectified by appropriate research. Because of some reasons Netflix and Vox seem to have decided to adopt a completely different approach. Bitcoin has much more than people realize, but a few people can emphasize it correctly.