Computer: Nvidia-AI programs Pacman clone by watching

With the help of numerous AI routines, Nvidia had the video game classic Pacman reprogrammed. The artificial intelligence had no background knowledge of the code of the program, but only gained its information through observation, as Ars Technica reports.

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A group of four computers, each equipped with a Quadro GV100, has watched Pacman gameplay for over 50,000 hours. The computer group calls Nvidia GameGAN (Game Generative Adversarial Network). The game itself was controlled by another AI.

From the data obtained through the observation, the artificial intelligence is said to have programmed a clone that looks absolutely playable in the material shown by Nvidia. All of Pacman's well-known functions are supported, for example capturing the ghosts after Pacman has started a power-up.

Playable version should come

It is unknown whether GameGAN was able to build on existing game engines or developed the code entirely on its own – just by watching the gameplay and learning the rules. A playable version of the clone will be made available in the summer of 2020.

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In an interview with Ars Technica, Nvidia representatives emphasized that GameGAN technology could one day help game developers with programming. Until then, it will take some time, if you look at the result of 50,000 hours of watching a relatively simple game like Pacman.

The resolution is approximately 128 x 128 pixels, the frame rate is 50 fps. In order to be able to program modern 3D structures, far more observation time than 50,000 hours is currently required.

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