Conspiracy myths: Facebook deletes pages from Compact magazine

Have Facebook and Instagram according to a report by WDR and NDR the pages of the compact magazine popular in the right-wing scene are blocked. Since mid-March of this year Compact is officially in the focus of the security authorities. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, for example, lists the magazine as a suspected case and thus classified the magazine as allegedly right-wing extremist.

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On the corresponding accounts, it has been said since Friday evening that the page or the content is not available. A Facebook spokeswoman confirmed the unannounced move to WDR and NDR. “We prohibit organizations and people from using our services if they systematically attack people based on characteristics such as origin, gender and nationality. We have therefore removed the compact magazine from Facebook and Instagram”she told the two broadcasters.

The magazine is known for right-wing conspiracy myths. It had made a lot of advertising for the anti-politics demonstration planned in Berlin this Saturday during the Covid-19 pandemic. The blocking should be a blow for the magazine: According to WDR and NDR, more than 90,000 people had rated the page with a like.

Facebook uses its own set of rules for deletion. It deletes the pages of organizations when they violate community standards. The social network has been under massive pressure for months. Numerous companies around the world had announced that they would no longer advertise if Facebook did not act more consistently against hate on the Internet.

Most recently, Facebook took action against the American Q-Anon movement, which is also based on right-wing conspiracy myths.

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