"Consultants will get Bitcoin whether they want or not."

Many investors are wondering when the right time to invest in Bitcoin will be. This is a question that financial advisors are increasingly hearing nowadays.

However, consultants often do not want to invest in digital money. For example, early this year Merrill Lynch banned companies from buying Bitcoin. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon described Bitcoin as a fraud, and Vanguard CEO said in an interview with CNBC: You will never see a fund from Vanguard in Bitcoin.

Undoubtedly Bitcoin is quite volatile an investment instrument.

Lex Sokolin, Global Director of Strategic Finance Technologies at Autonomous Research, thinks this is a big mistake.

Sokolin says, "Crypto money is a very controversial area, but they will really survive.

Lex Sokolin

Sokolin said that for those who want to invest in cryptographic parallax, it is important to first understand what Blockchain technology is and how it works.

Solokin later said, "It is currently volatile, and so you should not fill your entire portfolio with krypton money."

After that, Amazon reminded of Amazon's partnership with a startup called Kaleido for Blockchain technology, which is actually one of the most important things about crypto money. .

Sokolin also said that customers would buy Bitcoin whether or not they want financial advisors, and said:

"Consultants can choose not to receive training and they can say that these things will explode, they can not help investors, but that's really irresponsible. Counselors should take some time to learn crypto money and Blockchain issues, and take care of customers' questions properly.