Contact with the Discovery Tool has been interrupted!

Contact with the Mars Exploration Vehicle of the American Aerospace Agency (NASA) was interrupted.

NASA, as you know, sends reconnaissance tools to planes and planes at certain times. But sometimes things do not go well. At this time, NASA, who lived at these times, announced that it had lost contact with the exploration vehicle.

Opportunity, which has not been heard since yesterday, is estimated to have disappeared among the massive dust storms. 1 in 4 of the planet known to have increased the dust storms since May is now covered with dust clouds


            Explosive from NASA Explanation: We found an organic molecule in a 3.5-billion-year-old rock on Mars!

The sun is expected to bloom in order to find a spacecraft that has not been heard since yesterday. NASA employees say they can contact again if the sun's rays are out and the battery of the reconnaissance vehicle fills up again. However, if the exploration tool is buried in a garbage, it may not meet its solar energy needs.