Container transport with Blockshipping starts a whole new round

The Blockshipping platform, which has a successful pre-sale and is very well received around the world, is launching public sale of CCC TOKENS on May 14.

Container transport industry constitutes about 60 percent of all maritime trade in the world today.

  • Capacity surplus
  • Low freight rates
  • Security threats
  • Increase in environmental regulations
  • Blockshipping is one of the world's most successful shipping containers, with around 27 million shipping containers the first real-time recording, the Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP), and a platform for all players in the container shipping industry.

    In addition, the broad adoption of the platform will provide an annual industry savings of $ 5.7 billion through smarter transport of shipping containers and a significant reduction in global carbon dioxide emissions.

    Blockshipping Since the ICO was announced for the first time in early March, purchases made to the Blockshipping GSCP project and to ICO were extremely positive and the Blockshipping team had great expectations for public sale.

    Blockshipping gained ICO rating

    ICO ranking sites

    Global media interest and lively community

    Blockshipping, the global community, and the world in many parts of the moment it was able to raise awareness about ICOs.

    At the beginning of March, the world's fastest-spreading media blog, starting with Denmark and Scandinavia, published more than 100 articles on the GSCP project and the KOBO media, FinTech media, shipping media and wider business media all over the continent. Just two weeks after its announcement, the platform's ICO reached more than 8,000 Telegram members (now more than 9,500) and more than 7,600 followers on Twitter.

    Big industry interest

    Positive ratings and overwhelming interest from both the community and the media is a huge potential for Blockshipping's Global Shared Container Platform

    But more importantly, the positive interest Blockshipping receives from the shipping industry. Peter Ludvigsen, CEO of Blockshipping, explains:

    Traditionally, the shipping industry is famous for being quite conservative, but what I have experienced since the announcement of our GSCP project is nothing more than the traditional return to new business ideas.

    Ludvigsen also adds:

    I am very proud to say that a few days ago Blockshipping has received confirmation from a global container carrier to join our GSCP platform as our first customer.

    How to participate in the sales activity

    In order to participate in the blockshipping, you must register to the sales portal and complete a KYC (Know-Your-Costumer) check.

    The platform also created a token model with a unique set of features for the benefit of ICO participants

    The token model includes two separate tokens:

    • Internal utility token: Container Crypto Coin (CCC)

    All participants may begin placing their orders in their CCC tokens when the ICO general sale of the platform is opened on May 14th at 14:00 CET.

    You can visit the platform website for more information.

    * Blockshipping of US citizens can be paid by ICO (CCC token), Ether, Bitcoin, bank fares (USD, EUR, DKK) Please note that you will not be able to accept contributions you made to


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