Contract manufacturer: Samsung’s 5 nm EUV production is running –

Samsung Foundry has confirmed its own 5 nm EUV manufacturing went into series production in the second quarter of 2020. There had previously been reports that the node was delayed – the South Koreans disagreed. Output is also expected to increase in the second half of 2020.

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With the change from 7LPP (7 nm Low Power Plus) to 5LPE (5 nm Low Power Early), chips should clock up to 20 percent faster or be up to 10 percent more economical and be up to 20 percent smaller. It applies that 6LPP as well as 5LPE and 4LPE are all based on 7LPP and are derived and IP-compatible nodes with extremely ultraviolet radiation (EUV). For 4LPE, Samsung Foundry states that the process is proceeding as planned. For the second generation, i.e. 4LPP, the aim is to accelerate.

As part of the Presentation of the quarterly figures Samsung Foundry said record earnings were posted. The contract manufacturer cited the increase in chips at various partners as the reason. In this context, it is interesting that investments were made in expanding the capacities for 5LPE and 8LPP. Nvidia is said to be one of the alleged customers for 8LPP, since the gaming amp GPUs such as the GA102 and GA104 for the Geforce RTX 3000 are to be based on the 8LPP process.

8LPP is a modified version of 10LPP, i.e. a classic DUV node with immersion lithography. The process is said to enable up to 10 percent lower power consumption, and due to a lower metal pitch, the area is also reduced by up to 10 percent. We expect the first gaming graphics cards with amp architecture in September 2020, but Nvidia has not yet made any public statements about the Geforce RTX 3000.

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