Copyright Infringement: Europol takes 30,000 domains offline

In a coordinated action with authorities from 18 EU Member States, a section of the US Customs and Europol, the authorities said they seized more than 30,000 domain names. About these domains was according to the police a variety of violations of intellectual property rights such as copyright or trademark.

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According to Europol's press release, in most cases this is actually the distribution of counterfeit products such as "pharmaceutical products, black copies of films, illegal TV video streaming, music, software, electronics or other counterfeit products",

As part of the measures, the authorities arrested three suspects and seized assets. This includes 26,000 luxury products, hardware, approximately 150,000 euros in various accounts and more than 350 liters of alcoholic beverages.

The coordinated action now underway is part of a larger campaign called In Our Sites (IOS). In the course of IOS, since 2014, global operations of the involved authorities for law enforcement have repeatedly been carried out together. The concrete goal here is above all to take offline the websites over which the trade with the counterfeit products takes place. The initiative seems to be getting bigger and bigger, which also highlights Europol positively. Only five years ago, the involved law enforcement agencies were able to confiscate the comparatively small number of 300 domains. In addition to the authorities, Europol is also trying to integrate the private sector. These are probably the affected rightholders.

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