Corona virus standstill: Lockdown tips for the Easter weekend

It is wonderful weather, how nice it would be to have a proper Easter barbecue session with family and friends. Maybe a rich cake buffet beforehand. Peach cakes and rainbow muffins? Easter braid and sand cake from the lamb baking pan. Unfortunately, you have to limit yourself to the people in your own household. If you do not have an extended family at home, you will hardly get a selection of cakes. You can throw on the grill, but the same applies here: others shouldn't get more than the smell. Which then leads to envy or slamming windows of the neighbors. Sorry, not sorry.

Instead of meeting at the Easter fire, the video conference is again on the agenda for many people. If you have not tried any software and are not sure which one is suitable, we refer you to our tips + tricks with an overview. But we still have other ideas to keep ourselves busy and to make others happy.

If you go for a walk, the sidewalks are painted or written on in chalk in many places. Then there are greetings to the residents. This is good news – also for adults. And once you're there, a small breeze goes from window to street. At least as long as you don't live on the fourth floor at the back. For birthday children, fence greetings with balloons and sparkling wine brought in are suitable. This could be a hint in advance with the fence post, dear friends.

Tips for people who don't have a birthday themselves soon or who know birthday children come here:

Easter isn't just free, it's the feast of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Services can currently only be attended digitally. The churches are well positioned.

Catholics can find a selection of live streams and recordings on the site The program of the Evangelical Church can be found at The nice thing about the offer is that you can also get a taste of other parishes and regional churches.

You want to send Easter greetings, but video calls are too mainstream for you? Take an example from this Facebook group. It's in Russian, but you don't have to understand the lyrics to smile. There people put photos of well-known paintings and post original and copy. With imitation you can spend a lot of time and the result should also make other people happy.

Another free idea is Charade, the pantomime game. Instead of forming groups and giving a person from the other group a word that he or she has to imitate, you can play with just one person without awarding points. Think up a word and show it yourself – or take a topic: song titles or films.

The photographers of the Reuters news agency took pictures of empty cities around the world at 12 noon. The daily newspaper has the results The standard listed. If you can look at it, you can also take an example. Of course there is more input for photographers from the c't photography colleagues.

Or you start an even more ambitious project and make a short film yourself. This may also be suitable for sending to family and friends. Free video editing programs are available in our downloads.

Even if the walk is still possible, many particularly beautiful gardens are closed. The Keukenhof in the Netherlands started a virtual tour on YouTube.

By the way, flowers in the apartment also ensure a good mood. Give your loved one or just yourself a bouquet.

On the one hand, employees are afraid of short-time work, and numerous self-employed people see their existence threatened. On the other hand there are people who are more likely to be stressed than usual. Be it because the situation leads to overtime or because they simply do not get on well with their work in their home office. Meditation may be labeled as a humbug and esoteric. Anyone who notices that he can hardly get down after work or cannot sleep due to worries should take a try. Blogger Madeleine Darya Alizadeh aka dariadaria introduces Podcast meditation diary on Spotify.

Laughter also helps against stress:

If a rabbit comes into a bookstore, asks: "Hattu carrot?" The seller says: "No, we only have books, we have no carrots." If the rabbit comes back the next day: "Hattu carrot?" The seller says: "No, I told you yesterday that we don't have carrots." It continues like this. One day there is a sign on the door that says: "No carrots today". If the rabbit goes in and defiantly says: "Hattu had carrots!"

There are more bunny jokes here. Flat jokes? -> here.

Are you longing for more level? Of the Austrian radio station FM4 has 120 fellow citizens, including well-known personalities, read Albert Camu's "Die Pest" in a marathon reading. It starts at 12 noon on Good Friday.

A list of other cultural events also leads the Southgerman newspaper. There are more tips from us in the past reports:

Dear readers, we wish you a wonderful Easter. Have a good time; whether with our ideas, with the game console, breaking the fast, a good bottle of red wine or just sleeping in again. Be nice to each other, today, Easter and whatever else.


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