Corona virus stoppage: Lockdown tips for Easter week

A simulated Monday morning in the office: "How was your weekend?" There are two types of colleagues when answering this question. Some are like, we call him Hans. For half an hour Hans complains about what he has not achieved and that the weekend was still too short because there is so much to do. Hans ransacked the hardware store and built a shelf, mowed the lawn and went on a big bike ride because movement is so important. Hans also conjured up a three-course menu in the evening. The main course was a roast pork cooked for eight hours in the gas grill station.

In addition, Hans heard podcasts, which is why he has all the latest numbers and information on the corona virus on his screen. And because his hobby is photography, Hans also tried out new image processing software. Hans already finished the Spanish course last week. Hans makes some of his colleagues mad, namely those who say on Monday morning: "Joah, I bought badminton rackets are now lying around in the hallway – but the series was really good." Let's call this colleague Eva. As is well known, sometimes less is more. And sometimes the weekend is just there to switch off.

But: Even today the end of the day and this working week is even shortened because of Easter, because even my colleague will do other and more meaningful things. Maybe not quite as much as Hans.

Here are a few suggestions:

It doesn't always have to be an expensive roast. In the Easter week it is much closer to boiling eggs and painting or coloring them. The colors are currently available in every drugstore. In principle, colored eggs taste better. I would also suggest you make an Easter braid – but the yeast is the toilet paper for the baking ingredients.

Basically, you can't get around cooking at the moment, whether you like doing it or not. After three weeks of home office, however, the ideas may run out. Now there are several options. 1. Order food and do something good with it – #supportyourlocal. 2. Roll through cookbooks and search for recipes online. 3. Come up with the great or very stupid idea to cook according to the alphabet. There is here today Aartichokes Bpasta with C.horizo.

Heise legal adviser Joerg Heidrich and c't editor Holger Bleich host the legal podcast "Interpretation matter".

Even if Hans is a bit annoying with his activity, because you get such a bad conscience next to him, you can take a little example from him, you can do it yourself. That's why there are a few podcast recommendations here.

Outside, the police check that distances are maintained and that people are not sitting in groups. This is reported to work well, even with the weekend weather pretty good everywhere. This new normality can also be found in the game "Need for Speed: Heat", that's why it comes in our tips. If you roam through the fictional city of Palm City, it is empty. Only at the start and in the garage do you meet other "prolets". The makers really wanted to prevent people from being driven around. Inappropriately, it is suddenly very realistic.

A reader asked what we can recommend for the smartphone to play with the family that you shouldn't meet. The provider already appeared on Friday Jackbox games in the tips, which have something like Monday painters. Further suggestions: Minecraft has a mobile version, you can also play worm against worm with worms. Our game colleague recommends Terraria. You can find them all in the usual app stores, so we don't link them here.

Tired of real opponents? The game "Cards – The game of your life" by Yikes! is just right for the socially distant. Okay, for everyone else too. But you just play alone. There is a stack of cards, each with a task that needs to be processed. This requires perseverance. In order not to spoil, we do not give an example here.

(Image: emw)

Coloring books for adults are hip, yups, really. There is a free download of the "Public Domain Review Coloring Book". It's an incredibly charming name. There's a little Grant on top of it at"Vienna for greasing"- don't worry, despite the subtitle, which says that it is a coloring book for real Viennese, others can also enjoy it. More selection can be found on the page Coloring book-

We had already suggested that you visit museums virtually. The Geo magazine has compiled a list of nine large houses that are worth a look.

Learning languages ​​is booming. Not just with Hans. Even if he is of course already in the advanced course Spanish and knows which is the best app. Colleague André Kramer also tested language learning apps. He is not like Hans. Luckily.

You can find more tips from last week here:


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