Coronavirus: "A DIY medical device is potentially dangerous"

An Italian engineer recently worked in Milan using a 3D printer Ventilator valve in a hospital manufactured. The result has probably saved various lives and helped to help Covid 19 sufferers. The magazine 3D Printing Media Network reports. In general, some groups, hospitals and medical institutions try to volunteer.

Job market

  1. Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH, Berlin
  2. SACS Aerospace GmbH via KISSLING Personalberatung GmbH, Empfingen

For this reason, the organization Project Open Air founded. Many engineers and developers gather in a Slack Channel to work on medical devices for the care of patients. Another of these projects is Helpful Engineers, which according to its own statements already connects more than 4,000 members via Slack. Both groups work together as a unit.

DIY devices as a risk

Some users have on the community platform Reddit already discussed this initiative. People agree: The idea is noble and well-meant. However, many users also see problems in it: self-developed medical devices are very likely to be rejected by hospitals as long as they do not meet various requirements.

"A DIY medical device is potentially dangerous"says the user dangersandwich, who is himself an aviation and defense engineer. "American hospitals will never accept this", says the user Elfich47. "There is a great chance of causing more deaths than saving lives"says another commentator in the thread.

However, the more people volunteer to help, the greater the likelihood that there are actually people who can help effectively. Therefore, the idea of ​​initiatives like Project Open Air is correct.

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