Coronavirus Application of the World Health Organization: WHO MyHealth

A lot of misinformation about the coronavirus, which has spread around the world and became a pandemic, is circulating among the public. World Health Organization, which wants to prevent the spread of false information, is preparing to publish its mobile application containing informative pages.

Appearing in China in late 2019 coronaviruses almost everywhere in our world, including our country involved In the case. Authorities, on the other hand, are in flight to prevent the spread of the virus and to protect its people. bans and even declares curfews.

The private agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health world Health Organization (World Health Organization) is in a state of health threatening our world partner It plays a big role in making decisions and overcoming health problems. coronavirus WHO (WHO), which continues its studies and publishes declarations, is a mobile application aims to make it available.

The World Health Organization's new application: WHO MyHealth.

from coronavirus measures to be taken to protect "Protect yourself" and "Travel Advice" World Health Organization that divides it into two myhealth (My Health) application, to eliminate the wrong information circulating among the people with this application and people coronaviruses wants to raise awareness about.

A team of former Microsoft and Google employees group The information in the open source application developed by information with It is stated to be the same. In addition, the person in the application location According to the report, warning notifications will be sent.


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Worldwide on Monday, March 30 smart yourself with the application expected to be released to phone users coronaviruses You can find out if there are symptoms, you can find yourself out of the virus that has become a pandemic. protect You can learn what to do for the most correct way.

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