Coronavirus Cases in 5 Cities According to TTB

Turkey Medical Association, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Adana and Diyarbakir provinces situated announced the coronavirus cases. If the claims of TTB are correct, the most coronavirus cases are in Istanbul.

Various measures continue to be taken for the coronavirus epidemic, which has also been observed in our country in recent weeks. The virus, which closes the vast majority of the population to their homes, is effective in a large part of the country. in some provinces this rate is even higher. Publishing a report on the effects of the outbreak Turkish Medical Association 5 Turkey's share of number of patients treated for coronavirus in the province.

According to the report published by TTB, Istanbul is the place where the coronavirus is most frequently seen. Apart from Istanbul, which is the most populous city in Europe, seen in our 4 big cities coronavirus cases also appeared in the report. According to the claim of the Turkish Medical Association, the situation in our 5 provinces is as follows:


According to the claims of TTB, Istanbul, most Covid-19 We had the city where the virus was seen. In the statement made for the most populous city of Europe, "As of March 30, 2020, the number of patients hospitalized in Istanbul hospitals with a definite or suspicious / possible Covid-19 diagnosis / treatment is over 2 thousand.”Was said. In addition, until 30 March in Istanbul public hospitals infected physicians and other healthcare professionals It is stated that the number has exceeded 100.


ITO Announces the Number of Patients with Coronary Infections in Istanbul


According to allegations, another city in our country with the most cases Izmir. In the statement from TTB,In the last two weeks, the number of patients in the public hospitals (university, Ministry of Health, secondary and tertiary care hospitals), including PCR test positive and clinically suspicious positive cases is around 700.”Was said. in Izmir Covid-19 test positive The number of healthcare workers released was reported to be around 75.


In the statement made by TTB for Şanlıurfa,In public hospitals in Şanlıurfa, approximately 70 suspicious patients are followed up in the service and intensive care units, and 6 positive patients are monitored.”Was said.


In the statement made for Adana, “According to the information we can reach in Adana, approximately 550 patients lie with the diagnosis or suspicion of Covid-19. 15 of 63 intensive care patients are intubated. 4 physicians, 2 of whom are discharged, and 12 healthcare workers are being followed up with suspicion of coronavirus.”Was said.


TTB, for Diyarbakır “About 150 patients lie with Covid-19 diagnosis or suspicion. There are 6 intensive care patients. Five of our citizens died due to coronavirus."Made a statement.


Minister of Health: The Number of Patients Caught in Coronavirus Reached 10.827, Our Total Loss Was 168

What situation in Turkey?

According to official information announced in our country, coronavirus has been Infected to 10,827 people In the case. Also due to the virus 168 people died, 162 people were announced to recover.

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