Coronavirus crisis: Mastercard sets a limit for PINless payments

Mastercard increases the limit for PINless transactions at the cash register for 50 euros. So far, the company and other credit card companies have set a limit of 25 euros.

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When paying without a PIN, the customer simply holds the credit card to the terminal and does not have to enter the number. In Germany, this is generally rather unusual: Here, a signature on a receipt is usually required, many credit card holders do not even know their PIN.

With Visa, the limit was raised to 50 euros some time ago – not only in response to the spread of the corona virus.

According to tests by, the current card limit has not yet been changed with several cards from different banks and terminals. Although there are also contactless payments where the card no longer has to be inserted into the terminal, the user still has to enter the PIN for higher amounts.

You can also use your smartphone to pay in many shops if the user has set it up – but only with a credit card, and this is not accepted in many shops in Germany. Checking cards have not yet been integrated into systems such as Apple Pay.

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