Coronavirus crisis: Netflix initially throttles for 30 days

Netflix will initially cut data rates for its video streaming service in Europe for 30 days to relieve the networks in the corona virus crisis, as the provider announced. It is currently unclear whether other streaming providers will follow this example. The company is responding to a call from EU Commissioner Thierry Breton, who discussed this directly with Netflix boss Reed Hastings. Network operators in Germany also welcomed such an initiative before the announcement by Netflix.

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The Netflix users should still use a service
"good quality" the US company assured. To
The company's assessment of the service is through the step around 25
Percent less traffic than usual. Breton welcomed that
Accomodate and thanked Hastings personally. The Netflix boss did "a strong sense of responsibility and solidarity", said Breton.

The EU Commissioner had the second day in a row on Thursday
Netflix boss Reed Hastings spoke. The day before, Breton had him
among other things, suggested the image quality under heavy load
automatically screw down from HD to standard resolution.

After all, a lot more data is of course transmitted for a higher resolution. Netflix recommends an Internet speed of 5 Mbit / s for HD resolution, while it is 3 Mbit / s for standard resolution. There is a big leap for content in 4K resolution: Netflix recommends a data rate of 25 Mbit / s.

The world's largest internet node DE-CIX, based in Frankfurt, had previously announced that average data traffic had recently increased by ten percent. However, DE-CIX is prepared for the increase. Traffic through video conferencing has increased by 50 percent within seven days.

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