Coronavirus: Slack sets a good example

Slack leaves his offices closed longer than planned due to the corona virus. The company actually wanted to reopen its locations from June 1, 2020; according to the recent announcement however, these will remain closed until at least September 1, 2020.

Job market

  1. Dataport, various locations (home office possible)
  2. Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG, Herzogenaurach

"Keeping the offices closed and continuing to work from home means less risk for our employees, less protection in the office, less inconvenience for our customers and more flexibility to deal with a possible second wave of infection"Slack manager Robby Kwok wrote in a blog post.

Kwok also pointed out that the measures could enable other people who could not work from home and were currently at home without pay to return to work earlier.

Slack continues to pay full wages to employees without a home office

Slack also has numerous employees who cannot work from their home office. As before, the company will continue to pay these employees full wages.

At the same time, Slack intends to continue taking measures to ensure that its offers run smoothly. There are continuity and pandemic plans for this: These are to ensure that the Slack servers can deal with the increased data volume due to the protective measures against the corona virus.

"Although no system can predict every future event perfectly, we are confident in our technology and its ability to carry a higher load."said Kwok. Like other services, Slack has seen a disproportionate increase in user numbers in recent months.

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