Corporate governance: Google founder Page and Brin step down

The two Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page withdraw from the operational tasks at Google's parent company Alphabet and will continue to be the company through the Board. Shareholders also remain. Page was previously CEO, Brin the president of the group.

Job market

  1. Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG, Herzogenaurach
  2. M-net Telecommunications GmbH, Nuremberg

Alphabet's new boss is to become Sundar Pichai, who was previously Google's chief executive officer. He should keep this post.

2004 wrote Page and Brin: "Google was born in 1998. If it were a person, she would have started elementary school in the late summer of last year (around the 19th of August), and today she would have just finished first grade."

Now, in 2019, Google would be a 21-year-old adolescent and it's time to start looking for a place to stay. The two founders wrote on the occasion of her retreat: "We believe it's time to take on the role of proud parents who give advice and love, but do not complain daily",

According to the two founders, Alphabet and Google would no longer need two CEOs and one president.

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