Corsair Attends CES 2019 with 3 Grain New Mouse Model

Corsair participated in CES 2019 with an affordable player mouse motto.

Corsair came to the CES this year with three new mouse models, including the wireless and the updated M65 RGB Elite. 3 mice also have RGB lighting and are compatible with Corsair software. But the real thing is of course the price. Corsair, which is at the fair with the motto of buyable player rats, has set a price tag of $ 50 for the Harpoon RGB Wireless model and $ 60 for the Ironclaw RGB

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Using the Corsair company's kiler Slipstream Wireless sahip technology, the Harpoon RGB Wireless is capable of taking up to 20 meters of shooting power and can react nicely even when the connection is weak. Today, wireless technology is developing; there were no problems such as interference, interference, or connection speed. Slipstream technology offers a speed of 0.5 ms, while the mouse's 99 grams weight and a double key positioned on the left side offer ergonomic handling.

If we come to Ironclaw RGB, we can see a bigger mouse, but it weighs just 105 grams. Our PMW 3391 sensor, which we didn't see before on other models, supports up to 18000 CPI. It seems ideal for gamers who need a bigger mouse.


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As for the M65 RGB Elite; In fact, the chassis of the model that came out last year is very similar to M65, but as a result of the improvements in weight has fallen to 97 grams. With added weights, this mouse can reach up to 115 grams. On the left side there are two long niper keys and is ideal for Battle Royale games.