Could it be included in the bitcoin momentum? Tokens increased by 30-200 percent

Bitcoin saw a stable trend in the range of 3800 to 3900 over the past week, while cryptic assets such as Enjin Coin (ENJ), Litecoin (LTC), ICON (ICX) and Kyber Network (KNC) have risen between 30 and 200 percent.

While the partnership between Enjin and Samsung continued to affect the price of ENJ, the price of the Kyber Network rose by 70 percent in one night.

Why did Kyber rise?

Enjin team at the end of January directly injected with thousands of 200 token's Enjin Wallet and Kyber, Changelly and Bancor. The price increase seen in Kyber is thought to have originated from Enjin, which became an official partner of Samsung.

Analysts said that the use of the Kyber Network by Enjin Wallet caused KNC to achieve a large margin in a short time. As a matter of fact, it supports the rise in Bancor. Bancor also showed a similar increase of about 40 percent to $ 0.74 in the day.

Could bitcoin be involved in the momentum of token?

Recently, a crypto currency analyst, Bitcoin's 3700

Bitcoin was not able to break the $ 4,000 resistance while staying close to the $ 3000,


Bitcoin's long-term stability shows investors to worry, because Crypto Dog, a popular technical analyst on Twitter, reported that Litecoin, the fourth most valuable cryptocurrency in the global market, could move up to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

he says. While the price of the Litecoin climbed from $ 46 to $ 59, the analyst said that ETH and BTC expected the BTC to follow the momentum of LTC


According to Godbole, the crypto money has to overcome the resistance levels of 4190, 4236 and 4388 with a strong volume to start a strong bull rally,


News: Uzmancoin / CCN

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