Countdown has begun for the upcoming 4.0 event

The industry event called Future 4.0, which is an event of Marmara University, which focuses on the concept of Industry 4.0, will be broadcast live on YouTube on April 9.

Organized for the first time this year by Marmara University Chemical Engineering Club Future 4.0 its effectiveness, which has been frequently mentioned in recent years, The concept of Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and 5G technologies, applications in the sector, what awaits us in the future and how we should prepare ourselves for this plans to pass it on to the participants first hand.

The Future 4.0 event, where Murat Bayazıt from Deutsche Messe, Mehmet Yağcı from Neste and Mustafa Turgut from Henkel will be speakers, CESSMU YouTube will be broadcast live on the channel. April 9To register for the event to be held in and to get more information here You can fill out the form, and to follow live on YouTube here you can click.